Welcome to CL Hann Industries – AMS Group member


CL Hann, a industrial machine shop was founded in 1971 to support the developing electronics industry. A core shift from commercial to aerospace manufacturing in the 1980′s and a continuously expanding range of contract manufacturing services, some of which include CNC machining, certified welding and fabricating of all sizes. In recent years a move to our 30,000 sq ft facility and the addition of in-house NDT weld inspection, special process Proof Load testing and sub-harmonic vibratory stress relieving allow us to more accurately and tightly control work schedules/costs as a “value added” outsource supplier.

We offer a great range in physical size and weight of parts that can be machined or weld fabricated at our facility. Parts from hand-held to multi-ton assemblies are regularly constructed at CL Hann. Our goal and scope as a contract manufacturer is to provide a wealth of experience and related technologies to produce parts and assemblies of the highest quality within our customer budget and time frame.

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